Tetra Pack Vs Infant Feeding Bottles

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Avoid Almond Milk in Tetra pack cartons as its pasteurized at 145 degree Celsius and is fortified. Always choose natural milks available in bottles. You may buy almond milk online 


The best choice of Babies First Milk Packaging must be in bottles which are same as infant feeding bottles. Click here to see the brands with such PP bottles.


How to wean off your one year old from breast milk and choose vegan milk in infant feeding bottle material.


For Babies and toddlers avoid heavy cold pressed nut milk. Choose Pasteurized Vegan milk with 7% or more almonds and High in Calcium and Vit D. Click here to explore such milk flavors.


Always choose vegan almond milk in bottles as it has zero bacteria compared to A2 Cows Milk. Lactating Cows milk will always have hormones of the animal. Almonds have been part of a grandmother's recipe for an age long to sharpen the brain of the child, especially for clear speech for the toddler. Click here to see the brand which has more than 7% almonds in its 200ml PP bottles.


In corona times, we must avoid larger shared packaging and opt for grab and go one time use packaging. #nosharing #coronatimes

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