A life-Threatening Mistake You are Making as a New Parent


Why is my baby crying for no reason?

The one sure shot question you must have faced as a new parent.

This question sometimes makes you rush to your pediatrician at midnight.

A doctor will diagnose or give you the best advice ever, but there is one hidden question
even your doctor may not be able to answer


How do I make sure that my baby turns into an adult without catching any chronic
disease or disorder?

New parents are unable to find the answer to this question contribute to the sudden rise of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, PCOS, thyroid, and hormonal imbalance in females in the 21st century.

The answer to this question lies in early parenting.

The one mistake you have made right after you have stopped breastfeeding your child, you searched for the best food to feed your baby after weaning and someone gave you the best advice ever.

“Feed cow milk to your child”

You may have searched for the best infant formula that contains cow milk because you think cow milk is the best alternative to breast milk. right?

Cows milk is the culprit behind all the chronic diseases and disorders.

Oh no! This is silly how can I say this?

We believe that cows milk is the best food because our ancestors have been using it for ages, they have been fit and fine, even our doctors suggest cows milk be fed to toddlers.


How can I say that cows milk causes chronic diseases?

Let me explain to you my story,

I belong to a village in Maharashtra, I spent my childhood and a few years of adulthood in my village before moving to the city of my dreams. Mumbai!

I had a cow in the backyard of our house. She was the dearest one to us as we treated her like one of our family member. My siblings and I grew up drinking the milk of that cow until she passed away from natural death.

Until we had it her, we would also sell her milk. New parents across the village would buy her milk from us. Our cow was famous in the village for serving healthy milk to the babies.

As long as I can recall, she would feel proud to be a member of our family, she would never let any other person handle her other than our family.

As I had a strong belief in the goodness of cows milk, I subscribed to the packed milk when I moved to Mumbai for my higher studies.

I enjoyed the milk until one day a random thought crossed my mind. Can I see the cow whose milk I am drinking? This question made me hunt for the source of the milk production center that I found on the outskirt of the city. My eyes dropped out of my skull when I saw more than 1000 cows standing in a queue and their milk is sucked out with a machine.


What I called the situation was RAPE OF THE COWS

Do you know, a mother passes her stress to the baby through her breast milk.
The same thing happens with the cows milk which carry tortured hormones...

Cow has emotions too, In the backyard of the village, sat my beloved cow who took pride in feeding our family and we didn't feed her chemical based fodder either as we loved and nurtured her calf and hence she happily served our family.

But when the same cow was used commercially and her calf artificially inseminated manually is definitely rape, it dis regulates the hormones of the lactating cow.

Oxytocin, a stress hormone secreted in a human mother’s breast milk when she breastfeeds a child under stress. This way the stress hormone is passed on to the baby. Similarly the cow, with its altered hormones has her milk secreted and no matter how much you pasturise it but the hormones stay alive in that tetrapack Cows Milk delivered to your doorstep.

Our ancestors had fewer diseases and disorders like PCOD, infertility or hormonal imbalance because they were happily served by the cows in their backyard.

Long story short, cow milk we get now is the culprit for most chronic diseases and disorders.


What do you want me to do, #sayno to cows milk? How do I get my milk for my baby’s
nutrition elsewhere?




I would say you need not stop feeding milk to your baby. Instead, go for dairy substitute milk... Almond milk, is the best as it contains all the nutritional requirements since our grandmothers soaked seven badham to sharpen our brain....

Most parents often fail to identify if their baby or they are lactose intolerant, this may further lead to calcium deficiency. Lactose is an enzyme which is absent in human body that digests a type of sugar called lactose which is present in cows milk.

#plantbasedmilk is the best choice for your baby. click here to find out more...

I am Faisal Siddiqui. A writer by profession, a fitness freak by passion and a management graduate by education.I love taking care of my health through fitness and healthy food, which made me come up with the idea of combining my passion, profession and education to make a perfect recipe for ‘health niche copy writing’. I hail from a small town of Maharashtra called Lonar, that is famous for a meteorite impact crater. Other than writing you will often find me travelling, cycling and talking about human psychology.

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