Say No to Dairy


You must be thinking “Why dairy free?” but there are many different reasons to explore the benefits of a dairy-free diet, which is why Drupe is coming up with Almond Milk. Hope some of these dairy-free benefits propel you towards your health goals!

Here are some top reasons to go dairy free:


Clear Skin

Millions of people complain about acne in this hectic world. Clear skin is one of the many benefits of going dairy free. Some battle the dreaded eruptions for decades without any resolution. Physicians state that acne could be caused by a milk allergy or sensitivity causing inflammation. Others suggest the hormones in the milk are aggravators. Studies point to lactose, butterfat, or excess iodine in milk as the culprit. Many dermatologists now recommend dairy-free diet consumption for beautiful, clear skin.


Milk Allergy

Milk allergy is a reality. The severity of milk allergy ranges from life-threatening to relatively mild. Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome and Eosinophilic Esophagitis are types of allergic conditions which are linked to dairy products. It affects the gastrointestinal tract specifically and can have a delayed reaction which makes it difficult to diagnose. Milk allergy can appear at any point of time in life. Traditional dairy allergy is highly prevalent in infants and young children.


Healthy Digestion

Lactose intolerance shows digestive symptoms like stomach pain, cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and nausea in millions of people. Around 70% of the world's population has some degree of lactose intolerance which is actually considered normal. Lactase persistence, or the ability to digest lactose, appears to be a relatively new phenomenon.


Baby Feeding

Infant milk allergy is a topic of concern for millions of parents. Paediatricians speculate that milk protein consumed by moms passes on to her little one through her own milk supply.



Medical Mysteries

Studies show that people overcoming daily headaches, migraines, rashes, stuffy sinuses, chronic infections, arthritis pain when dairy is consumed less. Moreover, a notable reduction in behavioural issues is found in conditions like Autism when dairy is eliminated from one’s diet.


Weight Issues

Almond milk is good for both weight gain and weight loss – a double whammy! Power-packed with nutrients and fat of the good kind, almond milk is the saviour for people struggling with their weight.


Cancer Prevention

Researchers have shown a connection between dairy intake and hormone-related cancers.  A strong connection has been identified between milk consumption and ovarian and prostate cancers, another reason to move on to other milk substitutes.


Bones get stronger

Women who consumed larger amounts of calcium from dairy products had an increased risk of hip fractures whereas no increase in fracture risk was observed for the same levels of calcium intake from dairy-free products. A study has shown that the countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are also the largest consumers of dairy sources – a worrying statistic, indeed.


Antibiotics and Hormones

Antibiotics are injected in mass quantities to cows to prevent them from infection. This is of great concern as these antibiotics are ingested by humans through dairy milk. Consumption of cow's milk increases the serum level of IGF-1 in humans by 10% which in turn increases the risk of prostate, colon, lungs and breast cancers. Dairy-free milk alternatives do not contain added antibiotics or hormones as they are plant-based.


Well, your best is Almond Milk now!


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