Benefits of Almond milk

Benefits of almond milk

Almonds are native to the middle east, But Almond ate liked and consumed worldwide.  Almond milk is nutritious and low cholesterol drink. Almond milk is an alternative to traditional dairy drinks because it is  lactose-free, best in test, sweet and pure vegan . It is  one of the most popular products of almond.   there is some benefits of almond milk.

Benefits of almond milk

Almond milk is made by grinding the whole Almond with water and then removing the waste solids by straining the mixture. After that, some antioxidant has been added, which helps to increase its shelf life. As we all know, Almond is a good source of vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. They are readily available in almond milk, and Almond milk is also enriched with some Vitamins, minerals, and protein, which helps increase the nutritional value of almond milk.

While making Almond milk is made from whole Almond (Almond with its skin), keeping its nutrient and fiber intact.


There are several health benefits of Druprepower almond milk which are explained below.

1. Zero cholesterol

Almonds have good fat, which reduces cholesterol, and Almonds are a good source of protein and help in weight management. Cholesterol is also part of a healthy diet. It helps build healthy cells, but a high cholesterol level causes several health problems like coronary heart disease and peripheral vascular disease. If you consume a high level of cholesterol, then you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Eventually, these fat deposits increase in your arteries {blood vessels} and affect the blood flow through the blood vessels.

If you have heart disease problems, you should limit your cholesterol intake and not take more than 200 milligrams/ day. And for a normal human, 300 milligrams of cholesterol/day is enough.

Drupepower almond milk has zero cholesterol which is good for your health, and the amount of cholesterol you need is readily available in your meal.



Lactose is a sugar that is present in ordinary milk. Some people are Lactose intolerant in nature and unable to digest Lactose. Lactose intolerance is caused by the deficiency of lactase enzymes in the body. This enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of lactose enzyme in Lactose into a more digestible form. Lack of lactase enzyme in the body may be genetics, aging, or certain medical conditions.

Because drupe almond milk is completely free from Lactose, so drupe almond milk is the best alternative to dairy milk

3.low in sugar

Unsweetened variants of almond milk have a meager amount of sugars. In 240 ml of almond milk, there is only 1-2 grams of sugars, while in 240 ml, regular milk has up to 13 grams of carbons. Thus unsweetened Almond is best for people who have diabetic problems.


4.High in Vitamin E

You should know Almond is a good source of vitamin E. Therefore. Almond milk also contains a high amount of vitamin E. According to the studies, 28 grams of almonds have provided 37% vitamin E of your daily need.

Drupe Almond milk contains 8.9 μg Vitamin E per 100g of Almond milk. And you should know dairy milk does not have vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps against inflammation and stress in the body. Vitamin E helps protect against many severe diseases like Heart disease or cancer and is also helpful for bone and eye health.


5.A good source of calcium

We know that most dairy products are a good source of calcium, but currently, people do not like dairy products due to their tests, smell, and trust issue.

There is a lot of research and reports on the internet that say many milkmen use various drugs or Harmon injections to increase milk production. The milk produced with the help of these injections is not fit for human consumption because it may cause heart disease or cancer. The use of hormones or drug injections on animals is against animal rights because these actions are not suitable for their health.


But almond milk is enriched with different vitamins and minerals to match or overcome the nutritional value of milk, and almond milk is also enriched with calcium.

Calcium plays an important role in the proper functioning of the heart, nerves, and muscles in your body.

The 200 ml pack of drupe almond milk may quickly fulfill up to 540 milligrams of calcium.



As we told you above, the harmful effect or dark side of dairy products. Drupe almond milk is dairy-free. It is healthy and safe for consumption. There are also some cheap products named "Almond shake" that are tasty according to price but not healthy. So don't confuse about the name of Almond prefer only Drupe Almond milk because it suits your health.

Some people also decided to be vegans (Vegans are individuals who avoid animal products for ethical, health, or environmental reasons ). People do not consume regular dairy milk in a vegan diet, so almond milk is the best alternative. Drupe Cinnamon Almond Milk won the best vegan milk in 2019.


7.Enriched with vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for good health, and it plays a vital role in heart functions, bone health, and immune function.

We all know that sunlight is a significant source of Vitamin D, But 30-40% of people do not get enough Vitamin d due to their skin color, lifestyle, long work hours, or the area where they live did not reach enough sunlight.

Deficiency of Vitamin D may cause heart disease, blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis(A condition that weakens bones, and if you have it, you are at a greater risk for sudden and unexpected bone fractures), fertility issue, muscle tissue weakness, and autoimmune disorders.

There are very few foods that contain vitamin D naturally. Thus food products manufacturers enriched their products with the specified amount of vitamin D.

Drupe almond milk contains 2.16μg Vitamin D per 100 gram of almond milk.


8.Low in calories And carbs

Compared to dairy, milk contains fewer carbohydrates and calories, but the good thing is that the average calories required for regular milk are quickly filled with almond milk.

Consumption of almond milk also reduces blood sugar spikes or overweight.

Drupe almond milk has been efficiently providing 16.4 Kcal per 100gm of almond milk.



The conclusion is that almond milk fulfills all your nutrient needs which are fulfilled by regular milk. Almond milk is safe and healthy for consumption. And Almond milk does not have any side effects. So it is crystal clear that almond milk is the best alternative to regular dairy milk.