How to Overcome Vitamin D Deficiency?


In most recent reports, 15–84% of pregnant women worldwide have very low vitamin D status (US National Library of Medicine). Most people believe that Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy is inevitable and occurs frequently, however, this is completely preventable and can be avoided through natural alternatives to Vitamin D supplements such as Almond milk!!  Click here to explore some of these products…


The required dose of nutrients in circulation increases during pregnancy due to hemodilution.  Hence an extra detail must be considered towards a power diet, filled with natural nutrients to avoid hemoglobin concentrations that may cause Vitamin D in the body to decrease. Therefore, most pregnant women should be aware that they will have low Vitamin D blood levels during pregnancy and postpartum. This deficiency can lead to a loss of bone density, which may contribute to osteoporosis and fractures. High Vitamin D deficiency will also lead to other diseases.


What’s also important to know for new mothers is that a Vitamin D deficiency in the infant can cause rickets; a rare disease that causes the bones to become soft and bend. The content of their mother's milk usually has sufficient Vitamin D requirements but what's important is that the new mother's diet is packed with Super Food which provides Calcium and other nutrients to help the lactating mother. Therefore, shortly after birth, most mothers need an additional source of Vitamin D in a natural form. Click here to find out which products have natural Vitamin D


Regular  Cows milk Vs Almond Milk, both contain large amounts of vitamin D and Calcium. For example, 1 cup of almond milk contains 2.62 micrograms, which is 13% of your daily value. Usually, all processed dairy milk and many milk alternatives are fortified and have hormones of the Cows, however, almond milk contains natural forms of Vitamin D and no hormones.


Hence, Vitamin D is an important nutrient for many aspects of good health, including heart function, bone health, and immune function!!! Explore this here.


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