Healthy Milk Option

It’s been quite a while since veganism has taken over among several people and there are some strong reasons to actually go for it if it’s sustainable.


In India, vegetarians exist in a massive percentage but their diet has a major portion of dairy-based products.


Most people still believe that dairy products can’t be done away with.


Unlike the popular opinion, there is absolutely no medical evidence that dairy is good for bone health or effective in osteoporosis.


In fact, lactose intolerance causes digestive problems in most people (nearly 75% of some surveys say).


It will be crucial to highlight that especially in India, a major portion of the rural population thrives on dairy. Even if the cruel, westernized practices of dairy farming is not adopted here to due to economic reasons, the stables for the cattle are mostly unclean, the cows or buffalos are undernourished, dairy farmers often do not get enough funds or remunerative prices for the supply.


Since, many people seriously consider giving up dairy for various reasons, be it for protest against animal cruelty or for health concerns due to the hormones of a lactating mother.


It’s important to have larger access to plant-based milk like Almond milk, Soy milk or Coconut milk.


Compared to cow’s milk the saturated fats content is quite less or comparable to skimmed cow’s milk. There is absolutely no harm in substituting animal-based products with plant-based products if it’s possible.


Reducing dairy consumption contributes to better sustenance of the environment and also, our health.


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