Drawbacks of Dairy!

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Dairy is a product that is obtained from a living animal and therefore these are high in hormones, enzymes, and amino acids. Since the inception of veganism and the general trend of adaptation of modern diets in India, we have finally realized that our beloved dairy products are not an in fact a healthy choice.


Dairy products have a tendency of premature adulteration, chemical reaction with salts, heavier on the stomach, and causing a heart blockage. Dairy products if consumed out of the course could also sabotage our fitness goals and put our health at risk such as digestion issues, skin allergies, weight gain, bloating, and kidney disorders.


For example, drinking milk with meals is equivalent to having two meals at a time henceforth the weight on the stomach doubles making it severely difficult for a human being to digest. Chilled milk is even more difficult to digest causing gas, bloating, and constipation. Also having milk with certain citrus fruits and vegetables is like consuming a slow poison, the result of the same could be seen in form of indigestion, gas problem, and even acne on the skin. These reactions occur due to the complex chemical properties of the milk.


To top it all, dairy products for lactose intolerant is a big no! no! There are studies conducted by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) which have conducted studies to see the harmful effects of dairy products and the results were staggering.


Then what choice are we left with? Thanks to veganism, a number of choices in alternate dairy products such as almond milk, soy milk, vegan butter, vegan cheese, etc have come which can easily be accessed in markets. Almond Milk has all the good cholesterol and omega which is twice good as cow milk. Cow or buffalo Milk is rich in amino acid tryptophan which induces sleep and lactose which is a sweetener; it is not a smart breakfast option. On the other hand, unsweetened almond milk is a healthy and smart choice to go by.


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