Drawbacks of Dairy By Drashti Maniya


Right from our childhood we’re advised to consume dairy products daily, be it milk, cheese, ghee, butter or cream; We should consume dairy products because of the high calcium content. But unfortunately dairy products have their own list of drawbacks which are most often ignored. Dairy products are produced from animals making them high in hormones consumption of which strikes a major imbalance in our body. An imbalance in  body hormones is linked directly to systemic problems such as acne, premature aging, indigestion, weight gain etc. Moreover dairy milk is high in bad cholesterol and therefore remarkably increases the risk of heart diseases.


These farm animals are given large doses of steroids and artificial hormones to increase their yield. Moreover the quality and quantity of milk depends of the type of fodder fed to the animals. however it is difficult to monitor the quality of fodder given as feed to the animals as most farming is done using the strongest possible insecticides and pesticides. This not only harms the animal but also harms those consuming these animal products as these chemicals are highly toxic and contaminate the milk that is procured.


Digestion of dairy products requires a specific enzyme called lactose, deficiency of which causes people to be lactose intolerant. Hence, consumption of dairy products is a big no no! Almond milk is an excellent non dairy substitute, not only is it lactose free but also free from additional hormones and bad cholesterol. Being low in calories and  rich in omega 3 almond milk is a healthier option for all!


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