6 nutritional facts about almond, you probably didn’t know


Almonds make a perfect snack and can be consumed anytime and anywhere. Famously known as a “superfood”, almonds are rich in a variety of nutrients. It might be surprising to learn that almonds are actually seeds and not nuts. They also contribute to a healthier body and a fresher mind. There are some nutritional facts about almond you should know

1. Origin and characteristics

Almonds grow in the deciduous tree which sprouts up to 4-10m tall and up to 30 cm in diameter. They are not nuts, but drupes, which are stone fruits, surrounding a single shell.


2. Naturally Rich in vitamin E, fiber, protein, calcium, and potassium

Almonds are a significant source of all essential nutrients required by your body. They are very low in calories and can be consumed as a snack whenever hunger strikes. They also play a major role in balancing the cholesterol level and hormones during the menstrual cycle.


3. Increase immunity

As almonds are rich in vitamin E, fiber, protein, calcium, and potassium, their consumption strengthens the immune system. At least twenty-three almonds should be consumed every day in order to immune the human body from major diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and poor vision. Drupe Unsweetened Almond Milk is made from real Almonds keeping its skin and Dates and is high in B-12, which helps overcome depression.


4. Enormous variety

Almonds possess an enormous variety of drupes, the count exceeding thirty, but only ten of these are brought into the processing as food. Some of these constitute of the Californian almond, green almonds, Chinese almonds, bitter almonds, mamra almonds, gulbandi almonds to name a few.


5. Soaked almonds are better than raw almonds to squeeze the milk but ensure you do not discard the skin of the almond and avoid consuming Tetra Pak packaging as its pasteurized at 145 degrees Celsius, where all the natural nutrition is evaporated. Be sure to read the ingredients when choosing to buy Almond Milk.

The brown skin of an almond, known as tannin is famous for decreasing protein digestibility. Moreover, soaked almonds generate folic acid, which helps in the reduction of birth defects.


6. Almonds have good fat which helps burn body fat if you want to lose weight as it kicks starts your metabolism and adding almonds to your diet helps increase the two most important fatty acids, namely, linoleic and linolenic. These fatty acids help in the reduction of inflammation around the body and generate a beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin.


Enjoy the goodness of real almonds Powerfully Natural Drupe almond Milk.

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