Benefits of Golden Power

Helps in weight management

No added sugar

Power doze of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, E and B-12

0% cholesterol

Gluten free

Non dairy

No Preservative


Almonds,  Treated Water, Natural Haldi Turmeric, Natural Xanthan, Stevia (Plant Extract), Sea Salt, Spices & 100% Pure Love.

Shelf Life- 4 months as we follow a high standard of sterilization process.


We use the whole almond with its skin to make Drupe Almond Milk

Nutritional Facts Units Results
Energy Kcal/100gm  
Protein g/100g 1.05
Total Fat g/100g 2.12
Carbohydrate g/100g 0.8
Sugar Kcal/100g <1.0
Trans fat g/100g 0
Calcium mg/100g 7.29
Magnessium mg/100g 6.08
Vitamin E ug/100g 3.73
Potassium mg/100g 39.54
Iron mg/100g 0.21
Cholesterol g/100g 0
Vitamin B12 ug/100g 10
VitaminD3 ug/100g 400
Vitamin B6 ug/100g 4.48