Drupe Almond Power Milk is not only a decadent substitute for milk but it is also a great source of Protein, Antioxidants, Vitamin D, Potassium and Calcium. It’s very nutritious and easy to digest.

Did you know we are the only mammals that drink milk after nursing? We're obviously also the only mammals that drink from other mammals too!

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Our Power Story

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First-time Natural Almond Milk!

Drupe Foods India Pvt. Ltd. has spent years in research, and the study reveals that human body does not need lactose milk, though fermented milk (yogurt & cheese) can be consumed. So we went back in History when our grandmothers soaked seven “badams” overnight and gave them to us to sharpen our brain.  Our investors at Drupe LLC are a consortium of farmers who export handpicked Californian Almonds to India. Drupe Foods India Pvt. Ltd. has partnered to manufacture and market Almond Power Milk

At Drupe, we are committed to educating people about the many power benefits of almond power milk, unlike some watered-down almond milk, that get their texture and body from additives. The richness of our product comes simply from almonds and a handful of fruits!

Our Power Vision

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Look for health or taste?

Our product development team has focused on health, power and nutritional values of Power Milk. We did not think of taste, and hence did not add sugar or preservatives like other Almond Milk brands. We added Dates instead to give you a bit of sweetness.

We do not want to conquer the world ( now wouldn't that be nice!) but all we want to do is educate individuals about the goodness of almonds and especially Almond Power Milk.